Bridging the gap between ERP and production at Pluvera


Pluvera, a well-established player in the poultry processing industry with over 60 years of experience, faced a common challenge: seamlessly integrating their ERP system with the production floor. Seeking a tailored solution, they enlisted the expertise of Yitch, recognized for its proficiency in industrial automation.

A solution tailored to specific requirements


Understanding the specific needs of Pluvera's operations, Yitch played a vital role in crafting a solution perfectly suited to their requirements. Through collaboration, standard software underwent meticulous tweaking to align as closely as possible with Pluvera's unique demands.



Setting the foundation for the future


The partnership between Pluvera and Yitch resulted in a smooth integration, fostering efficient communication channels. Pluvera expressed optimism for a lasting partnership, appreciating Yitch's engagement to refining standard software for an efficient operational environment. 


With this successful partnership, Pluvera reaffirms its commitment to maintaining a leading role in the Belgian food industry, solidifying its position as an industry pioneer for the future.