Unlocking the full potential of manufacturing operations

At Yitch, we're all about unlocking manufacturing potential through automation, digitalization, and data insights. From consultancy to project engineering, staffing, and continuity services, we tailor solutions to boost current output.


With over 25 years in production environments and a team boasting 450 years of combined expertise, we've completed 2,500+ projects, always starting from OT (Operational Technology). Our technology-agnostic approach ensures we select the best-fit solutions for each project, while our experts stay updated on the latest advancements.



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All to empower local production

Is outsourcing production to distant regions still a responsible choice in 2024? Recent global events have highlighted the risks of long supply chains. That's why, at Yitch, we're passionate about keeping production and consumption close together.


By empowering businesses with automation, digitalization, and data insights, we aim to foster sustainable local production. Our mission is to ensure that companies can thrive locally, safeguarding prosperity and job security for current and future generations.



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NOT an automation company

Yitch isn't your typical automation company - we're the disruptors, the game-changers. We're not here to simply sell you hardware or agree with every idea you have - our focus is on understanding your unique challenges and goals. We're not about making you reliant – our aim is to optimize your operations and empower you to succeed independently. We're no box movers - we're your partners in progress.


We're NOT an automation company. We're more.  We are the embodiment of your business' ambitions, dedicated to delivering comprehensive solutions that go beyond expectations. 
We. Are. Yitch!



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Business partner

Your trusted
technology partner.
Now and forever.

At Yitch, we're dedicated to your success. While our engineers have extensive experience with leading brands, we focus on selecting the best technology to solve your specific challenges. This tailored approach ensures a successful partnership, where the right technology, paired with the right components, drives your success now and in the future.

Proud partner of PILS

Partners in Life Sciences: Tackling the rapid changes in pharma

Yitch, as one of the pioneers, played a key role in founding PILS (Partners in Life Sciences). PILS was established to empower companies in the ever-evolving pharmaceutical landscape, offering comprehensive solutions beyond individual capabilities.

VCA** approved

Committed to safe work environments, backed by certifications

The S.H.E. policy is strongly integrated in our operational management and that of our partners. This way, we can assure our clients that both Yitch and its subcontractors will work under the safest circumstances at your site. (BTV Audit: 100.229)

Our values


Your language is ours
Based on numerous use cases, we are equipped with essential inside knowledge and experience in your business.


Always within reach
Proximity is a huge added value. That’s why we will always strive to truly examine production processes in real life, in order to provide the flawless solution desired.


Agile is the new fast
With Yitch, you can experience the power of a multinational with the dynamics of an SME.


Wrinkle-free experience
Our engineers will guarantee an energetic and wrinkle-free roll-out of your project, due to the continuous safeguarding of our amassed knowledge.


Success is our only engagement
The only thing that matters is providing the best possible and unbiased solution for your process.


Our way, not the highway
Teaming up means contributing to a better world by keeping production and consumption close to one another

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Time for a U-turn: 180° to pursue your ideals

Make a 180° turn and flip back to the path you've always envisioned as a changemaker. At Yitch, you'll have the opportunity to make a positive impact by contributing to the efficiency of businesses, enabling them to produce locally in a profitable manner. Join us in shaping the future.