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The purpose
behind the business

Yitch wants to keep production and consumption close to each other. By achieving this, we contribute to a sustainable economy and ensure a bright future for our children and future generations.


NOT an automation company

We are NOT an integrator. We are NOT only a hardware supplier. We are NOT purely focused towards engineering. We are NOT solely a provider of reliable IT solutions. We are MORE! We are Yitch!













Looking to boost your manufacturing efficiency and stay competitive? Yitch offers end-to-end solutions to streamline your operations. From consultancy to staffing and project support, we've got you covered every step of the way, ensuring your factory runs smoothly and stays ahead of the curve.


Is your manufacturing output falling short of expectations? It's time to propel your operations into the future with Yitch. Through our expertise in automation, digitalization, and data solutions, we empower your factory to thrive in the modern industrial landscape. Let's collaborate to unlock unparalleled efficiency and innovation, driving your production to new heights.


Seeking to align automation and digitalization with your business objectives? Our consultancy services delve deep into understanding your unique challenges and opportunities.

From coming up with tailored strategies to selecting the right systems and technologies, we're here to guide you on your automation and digitalization journey. With a focus on maximizing the value of technology for your business, we provide expert analyses and solutions to address your specific needs.


Navigating complex projects in manufacturing requires expertise and precision. Our approach to project management is centered on transparency, quality, and collaboration. We work closely with your team to ensure projects are scoped, estimated, and executed efficiently to meet your business objectives.

Through agile methodologies and knowledge sharing, we streamline project execution and deliver results that drive tangible outcomes for your organization.


In the face of fluctuating demands and evolving technologies, finding skilled professionals to support your production can be challenging. Our staffing services provide access to experienced engineers who understand the intricacies of manufacturing environments.

Whether you need short-term support or long-term expertise, our engineers seamlessly integrate with your team to address your immediate needs and contribute to the success of your projects.


Maintaining operational continuity is essential for maximizing productivity and minimizing disruptions in manufacturing. Our Continuity Department focuses on proactive support and continuous improvement to ensure your operations run smoothly.

From rapid response to issues and risk identification to knowledge sharing and utilization of advanced support technology, we're committed to keeping your production running seamlessly, day in and day out.


Ready to take your automation efforts to the next level? Yitch is your partner in progress. Whether you're initiating your automation journey or seeking to enhance existing systems, we specialize in crafting bespoke automated control systems tailored to your requirements.

With our brand-independent approach, we assist in selecting the optimal hardware and software solutions to streamline your processes. From user-friendly human-machine interfaces to ongoing support, we're here to guide you through every phase.


In today's fast-paced landscape, manual management of operational tasks can hinder efficiency. Enter Yitch. We offer tailored digital solutions designed to streamline your operations, prevent losses, and boost productivity, all while ensuring compliance.

Our MES and MOMS systems are meticulously crafted to support your team on the shop floor, providing intuitive tools for scheduling, inventory management, quality control, track & trace, and maintenance. Start your digitalization journey here, and pave the way for a more efficient and resilient future.


While many companies collect data from their processes, transforming it into actionable insights remains a challenge. With advanced data analytics, contextualization, and insightful visualization powered by AI machine learning, we empower you to make informed strategic decisions.

From implementing predictive maintenance strategies to optimizing production processes, our solutions enable you to operate more efficiently and profitably. Experience the transformative power of data-driven decision-making with Yitch.


From driver-based to data-driven maintenance of the locks at Port of Antwerp-Bruges



Few organizations face the immense operational pressures of the Port of Antwerp-Bruges. Handling around 290 million tons of international maritime cargo annually and housing Europe’s largest integrated chemical cluster, this port is the second-largest in Europe and a cornerstone of the Belgian economy. The challenge? Ensuring smooth and reliable functioning of its infrastructure while minimizing downtime and maintenance costs. Enter Yitch!


Matthias Lootens

Asset Management Implementation Manager - Port of Antwerp-Bruges

“Inspecting the condition of lock gates has always been a challenge, relying on specialized divers. Yitch succeeded in developing a sophisticated and comprehensive predictive maintenance system, based on Machine Learning. We no longer react to problems; we anticipate and prevent them, making our operations more efficient and reliable."


Explore how companies like yours have leveraged the power of automation, digitalization, and data insights to optimize their processes. Dive into our collection of success stories to see firsthand how businesses across various industries have achieved remarkable results with our solutions.

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