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Do you enjoy diving deep into automation projects in water treatment plants, or do you feel a spark working in the oil & gas industry? Does a project in life sciences or the pharmaceutical industry give you headaches, or do you have an appetite for challenges in the food industry?


At Yitch, you define your own growth path. That's the beauty of Yitch: We're everywhere, operating brand-independently and with agility, offering you quite a few opportunities to expand your horizons and take ownership of projects from start to finish.


Here at Yitch, our Yitchies - our people - are our top priority. While we're not a small company, we champion a horizontal structure where open dialogue is encouraged at all levels, including with our co-CEOs, Wim & Werner.


Our mission to bridge the gap between production and consumption calls for passionate individuals who resonate with our vision. We keep our team engaged through frequent management updates, strategic discussions, and informal team-building activities like dart tournaments and Fat Fridays.


Uniqueness is celebrated at Yitch, where we view our team members as individuals with distinct backgrounds and preferences. So why settle for a one-size-fits-all salary package?


Whether you thrive in our Bornem, Genk, or Breda office, prefer remote work, or enjoy starting and ending your workday with a refreshing bike ride, we offer flexibility. Your salary package is customizable based on your unique circumstances because nobody understands your needs better than you.


At Yitch, we empower local businesses through automation, digitalization, and data insights. 'So what?' Well, the impact goes beyond the surface; by helping companies operate more efficiently and sustainably, they can keep their production local. And so, Yitch undoubtedly contributes to job availability and prosperity in the immediate vicinity of these factories of tomorrow.


As a Yitchie, you can confidently claim that you're at the forefront of change, making a difference in the world by shaping the factories of tomorrow.

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