Data-driven decisions are vital for organizations in today’s fast-paced and competitive business landscape.

“Without big data, you are blind and deaf
and in the middle of a freeway.”


The benefits of data insights

  • Accuracy and precision

    Data provides an objective and accurate representation of current conditions, eliminating the biases and subjectivity of human judgment.


  • Informed decision-making

    Data can reveal trends, patterns, and insights that might not be apparent otherwise.

  • Predictive capabilities

    Advanced analytics and machine learning can leverage historical data to predict future trends and outcomes.

  • Continuous improvement Data-driven decision-making is an iterative process.


The power of data

Harnessing the power of data is essential for making informed strategic decisions in today's competitive business landscape. With data providing an objective and accurate representation of current conditions, organizations can uncover trends, patterns, and insights that empower them to innovate rapidly and respond quickly to market changes.

By leveraging advanced analytics and machine learning to predict future trends and outcomes, data-driven decision-making fosters continuous improvement, driving efficiency, cost savings, and ultimately, success.

  • ML / AI
    Leveraging Machine Learning and AI, we optimize manufacturing processes by analyzing sensor data to identify inefficiencies and predict equipment failures. Real-time quality control, energy efficiency optimization, and precise demand forecasting ensure operational excellence.

  • Predictive Maintenance
    Predictive Maintenance harnesses data analytics to predict equipment failures before they occur, enabling proactive maintenance interventions. By identifying patterns and anomalies in sensor data, it anticipates component breakdowns, allowing timely replacements and preventing downtime.

  • Self Service Analytics
    While engineers usually rely on their system knowledge for intuitive decision-making, IT/data professionals favor AI and Machine Learning for data-driven insights. Yitch's self-service analytics empowers both groups with user-friendly interfaces and advanced analytics capabilities, ensuring informed decision-making.

  • Golden Batch
    The Golden Batch serves as a benchmark for quality assurance, anomaly detection, and process adjustments. It represents a dataset or batch of items known for their highest quality, correctness, or reliability within a specific context. By serving as a reference point for comparison, the Golden Batch ensures consistent quality standards, facilitates anomaly detection, and enables process adjustments to maintain optimal performance and reliability.

  • Anomaly Detection
    Anomaly detection empowers you to monitor time series data and detect anomalies without the need for manual training. Leveraging unsupervised machine learning trained on historical data, it enables both univariate and multivariate anomaly detection. With its easy and fast deployment, anomaly detection is essential for detecting deviations in data stream patterns, ensuring timely interventions and maintaining operational integrity.


A well-defined data pipeline

Our approach is one where we start by gaining a deep understanding of your business objectives.


1. Identifying and standardizing data

Through insightful consultancy and targeted workshops, we dive deep into your specific needs. From there, we identify and standardize relevant data, ensuring consistency and availability.


2. Extraxting insights

Leveraging our expertise in ETL/ELT strategies and advanced data analysis, we extract valuable insights to drive informed decision-making.


3. Turning insights into actions

These insights are then transformed into actionable business intelligence using cutting-edge reporting tools. With a focus on standardization to avoid chaos, we prioritize reliability and maximum data availability.

Data partnerships

While we pride ourselves on our brand independence, allowing us to craft solutions tailored to your needs, we also leverage partnerships with industry giants like Aveva, Microsoft, OSIsoft, Super iPaaS, TrendMiner, Azure, GE Digital, and PTC. This enables us to harness the best tools and technologies available to meet your data objectives effectively.


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