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"Technology should serve as a means to achieve and accelerate your goals, not as a driver in itself"


In today's evolving industrial landscape, Smart Factories have emerged as transformative manufacturing environments, integrating advanced technologies like automation, digitalization, and data analytics to optimize operations. They empower organizations to make informed decisions, adapt to market demands, and stay ahead of the competition.

  • Short-term benefits
    Implementing Smart Factory principles leads to immediate improvements in operational activities, reducing manual work and streamlining workflows. Lean principles minimize waste and prevent losses, while access to real-time data enhances decision-making. 
  • Medium-term benefits
    Smart Factories provide valuable insights into performance metrics and KPIs, enabling targeted strategies for efficiency optimization and cost reduction. By analyzing historical data and identifying trends, organizations can implement proactive measures to enhance productivity and resource allocation.
  • Long-term benefits
    By leveraging big data and contextual information, Smart Factories support predictive maintenance, proactive decision-making, and strategic planning. This enables organizations to anticipate future trends and make informed decisions based on accurate data insights.


Our three-tiered approach

At Yitch, our Consultancy service offers a comprehensive three-tiered approach designed to meet the diverse needs of our clients.

  • Strategic consulting approach
    Through a Smart Factory Quickscan, we begin by gathering information on company goals, drivers, challenges, and current technology usage. This is followed by a technology assessment and the definition of qualitative and quantitative drivers, prioritization, and the development of a Smart Factory roadmap.

  • Tactical consulting approach
    We re-evaluate existing processes through a process audit, focusing on redesigning for lean and optimal automation/digitalization. We assess the As-is and To-be situations, define required technology, conduct a GAP analysis, and develop a business case to achieve desired outcomes.

  • Operational consulting approach
    Detailed functional and technical design specifications provide insight into the end-solution, supporting accurate budget estimates in this detailed engineering phase. Implementation plans are created to minimize downtime and ensure smooth implementation.


Unsure if your company is performing optimally for the future?

Evaluating the effectiveness of your production processes and identifying areas for improvement can be challenging, especially when you're deeply involved in day-to-day operations. That's where Yitch's Consultancy service comes in. With our expertise and three-tiered approach, we quickly translate your goals into actionable plans, helping you navigate the complexities of automation, digitalization, and data utilization with clarity and confidence.


  • Change management

  • Business process analysis

  • ROI Calculation

  • Business case definition

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