All the right pieces to

Build your smart factory


At Yitch, we are committed to helping you choose the right control system to optimally operate your machine or process. We do this brand-independently and will make hardware and software choices that suit your needs.


By developing the appropriate human-machine interface (HMI), we ensure that operators can easily control the machine in an intuitive way, so that they can always have a clear overview of the entire process.

Yitch designs and installs automated control systems to ensure that machines and processes keep functioning and performing at their very best.


Through the years, our automation team has gained in-depth experience with various brands of PLC, HMI, SCADA, and DCS systems.


And although we always prefer to work brand-independently, numerous prominent brands have certified us, a recognition of the quality we aim for when implementing projects. In any case, it shows that Yitch is capable of realizing projects and supporting existing systems with various brands.


Documented and validated standard


Based on the accumulated experience over the years, we have developed an Automation Standard that is fully validated and documented. This enables us to deliver high quality projects within a shorter timeframe.

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