All the right pieces to

Build your smart factory


The cornerstone of any smart factory lies in connectivity. Yitch provides support in both the design and construction of a safe electrical installation as well as the selection of the proper IT infrastructure. Selecting the right sensors and smart devices, tailored to your specific needs, are an essential element in our project approach.

In a smart factory, it is important that all is connected with each other and in a safe way. That is why right from the start we make sure that the right infrastructure is in place. We provide:

  • a safe and high-performance electrical installation,
  • the necessary server and network infrastructure
  • and last but not least we ensure that the operators can use the right devices to safely and ergonomically operate the machines and processes in a digital way.


Electrical installation


Our E&I engineers will engineer the complete electrical installation, which includes the calculation and determination of all its components. For this we use tools such as Eplan and Caneco. And good to know: all our electrical cabinets are built and tested under our own supervision.


For field work on site, these installations are closely supervised by our engineers so that we can ensure that they are made in accordance with design and quality standards.


IT and network


To allow various systems, often from different manufacturers, to 'talk' to each other in a production company, a safe and reliable IT and network infrastructure is crucial.


Our specialists understand the specific requirements and limitations of a production environment and therefore they will define and design the appropriate IT and network architecture in close consultation with the customer. In doing so, the customer's required availability, security and standards will, of course, be kept in mind.


Sensors and smart devices


In the context of a smart factory, the idea is to collect as much of the data as possible. At Yitch, we like to partner up with you to help you find the right sensors and devices to achieve this goal. Whether these are barcode scanners, RFID tags or vision systems, at Yitch we have the in-house expertise to assist you in making the right choices. Together with our customers, we determine the user requirements and assist in the selection process. 


Besides looking at the technical specifications, we also consider ergonomics and ease of use for the operators.

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