Digitalizing production processes: a one-fits-all approach vs. brand-independent tailoring

Although the added value of some of the world's most prominent brands of automation components and software is indisputable, this does not mean that other, lesser-known systems cannot also be viable alternatives when engineering an automation project. At least, that is how Yitch sees it! We strongly believe in brand independence: ‘Remaining unchained’.

The most suitable solution for your production


"We are not tied to any brand, but always try to merge the right components to come up with a solution tailored to a specific company," says the Lead Digitalization at Yitch. "Those can be components produced by the big boys, but equally by some smaller manufacturers.


"The first and main thing to do, is to listen: what is the exact question or the problem? After that, we examine the processes of that specific company, as well as the software systems that are already in use there. Which partners, packages or products does company X already work with? In the next phase, it is important to come to the appropriate solution, in accordance with the needs and budget of a company. This is where the transparency shown by Yitch will be of enormous added value."


Open-mind configuration of automation solutions


"Based on all those considerations, we will determine the most appropriate technology tailored to suit a particular company. And even though the perception may be that customization will take a lot more time than a more general approach, that tailor-made strategy will prove to have more advantages than disadvantages."


"The preliminary study we conduct is best carried out in a solution-independent and unbiased manner. If not, you risk focusing all too quickly on the solution, while missing out on certain opportunities, failing to meet the customer's wishes, and ultimately being limited in the solution you can offer for that specific customer."



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