EU strategy urges pharma suppliers to act: Time for leaner, more flexible and transparent manufacturing!

Everyone in the medical community vividly remembers the pandemic days when there was a shortage of personal protective equipment (PPE), leading to a global supply chain crisis. Similar to what we see in initiatives to improve flexibility in the pharmaceutical industry through the new EU strategy (see previous blog), we expect a similar effort in the companies that support and supply these industries.


Consider, for example, companies that produce sterile consumables, clothing, as well as raw materials. The problems they experienced during the pandemic were similar to those of the pharmaceutical industry, and again now, they will need to connect with the changes in the pharmaceutical sector. Preferably before another pandemic strikes.

The path is set for pharma, those who supply must follow


Looking ahead in the envisioned EU strategy for the pharmaceutical sector, the flexibility in production, resources and materials that is and will be needed in the near future will be unparalleled. Processes at all levels of the organization will have to be rethought to become leaner and yet more flexible, including for companies supplying the pharmaceutical sector.


Comprehensive integration and visibility in a global network will become a basic requirement. In addition, requirement regarding track-and-traceability, capacity increase and process control can only be achieved through true innovation, such as a more intense integration of technology (c.f. digital twins, comprehensive digitalization and automation, infused with a layer of machine learning and data intelligence). It's the only path in order to keep up with the global demand and challenges we face.


Redefining processes, matching technologies and transforming businesses


At Yitch, we help redefine processes, match the right technologies to meet these challenges and transform your business into a future- and shock-proof organization. Our extensive and deep workplace experience with automation, digitization and data intelligence is paramount to climbing this hill together.


Remember, you have to climb before you can enjoy the view, so contact Yitch, it's time to take the first step on your digital journey!



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