How to boost the efficiency of your production apparatus?

Industrial manufacturing companies face a perpetual challenge: how to maximize efficiency and output without incurring unnecessary costs? The answer lies in the concept of Operational Excellence, a mindset aimed at enabling your business to outperform competitors by working smarter. To achieve this level of excellence, Yitch focuses on real-time insights and automated production control to eliminate errors.

What is "excellence" in an industrial context?


"excellent (adjective, adverb): outstanding."


Operational Excellence in an industrial context is not just an ambition but a pressing necessity for many businesses. To outperform competitors, it's essential not only to work smarter and more efficiently but also to eliminate errors. This often raises questions for entrepreneurs: "Should we invest in new production lines or hire additional staff? Or should we explore new production systems or technologies?"


Hard to grasp? Not at all!


Let's consider a manufacturing company struggling with the decision to invest in extra machinery or additional shifts to meet growing demand. Through a thorough analysis of the existing machinery, optimization opportunities can be identified, leading to a significant increase in production output at lower costs than initial investment plans.


Another scenario: manufacturing companies dealing with indistinguishable raw materials risk producing incorrect production orders. In this context, a Manufacturing Operations Management System (MOMS) can provide a solution through, for example, RFID tags for identifying unique raw materials, preventing errors while improving overall production quality.


Digitalization is as crucial as acceptance


Solutions like MOMS, MES, and WMS are becoming increasingly indispensable. Preventing incorrect production orders, reducing rework and waste, increasing efficiency, and monitoring product quality are crucial to maintaining or gaining a competitive edge.


This is not just a technological narrative but a strategic approach that must be embraced at all levels within the organization. A gradual implementation and involving employees in the design process of solutions will contribute to sustainable improvements in production processes.


Yitch. NOT an Automation Company.


This is where Yitch comes into play. As specialists in digitalization, automation, and providing insights through data, Yitch offers a unique approach to operational excellence as a continuous improvement journey. A comprehensive quick scan, real-time insights, and ultimate production control through advanced systems like MOMS are key features to enhance Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE).


Yitch selects the building blocks for this journey from leading providers such as GE Digital, Aveva, and Momentum, in addition to its own Finex solution. And that selection starts with a thorough understanding of a company. Only then can a successful optimization journey be possible. 


Looking to optimize your production operations?


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Aveva: visionary in the field of MES


Aveva, formerly Wonderware, was highlighted in a report by research and consulting firm Gartner in May 2023 as one of the most visionary MES packages on the market. According to Gartner's Magic Quadrant, Aveva - the suite that Yitch also deploys for customers - is progressive in several areas.

"As a developer of a MES system for process and batch manufacturing in the process and food industry, Aveva is relentlessly developing its model-driven MES package with features that deliver results on-premise, edge and in the cloud. Aveva is showing its progress with a series of preliminary demos of the new Aveva Edge MES, as is the growing number of partnerships in adjacent technologies, such as TwinThread for advanced AI analytics or NEC to support the growth of MES in Japan."



GE Digital: prominent market leader


With its Proficy Smart Factory MES system, GE Digital is the market leader in the field of innovative solutions for controlling and managing processes, flow-batch production and the production of (semi-)finished products in the food industry, manufacturing industry, chemical sector and automotive industry. Excellent strengths, which Yitch is also eager to tap into.

"GE Digital stands out for their innovative approach in combining MES and IIoT. For example, GE Digital takes the lead when it comes to managing typical manufacturing-related functionalities such as historian, analytics, manufacturing execution and operations hub over the cloud. As a developer, GE Digital is pushing for increased circularity and sustainability by taking energy data along with the MES system, and combining it with other order data." A gigantic added value in the current zeitgeist, Yitch rightly believes.