Collaboration between Yitch Engineering and LAN Handling Systems


In 2003 LAN Handling Systems first called on Yitch’s services. The Dutch company specialises in handling systems for the food- and pharmaceutical industry and needed experienced programmers on a very short notice. Those programmers could not be found on the domestic labour market nor at any Dutch players.






“Immediately it struck me that the people of Yitch have a high level of knowledge and are able to thoroughly tackle a job that is given to them”, thus Engineering Manager Peter Mermans of LAN. “They do a lot more than just making ‘the code work’. They think along and propose solutions. Furthermore they are able to quickly detach engineers. That amount of flexibility and service is not evident in the engineering sector because there are simply not enough well trained engineers.”

“The engineers’ willingness to learn is very important, and it works in both ways. We are able to quickly train them and they supply us with a lot of knowledge and experience. It is a constructive dialogue from which we both benefit.”




Today there are permanently two to six people of Yitch at work at LAN. “Our engineers like working on projects and at LAN it's ’possible to work project-based”, says Wim Van Soom, Managing Partner at Yitch. “That way they are able to quickly see the results of their work. LAN also builds machines which fabricate products for supermarkets. Such projects make our engineers feel proud. In addition, the company operates in an international environment, which is a bonus for our young engineers who like to travel and expand their horizon.”


Both parties are convinced that their collaboration will only grow towards the future. At this moment a more project-based workflow is being investigated. It would significantly cut costs and improve flexibility towards end users. 

Yitch Engineering has reinforced its presence in the Netherlands by establishing an office in Breda in 2011. The long-term collaboration with LAN is at the root of the decision the new office in Breda, but Yitch has already started to work with other Dutch partners.

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