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Tired of drowning in data without actionable insights? Join our free 45-minute webinar to learn how to transform your data into informed decisions. Ideal for business leaders and technical managers seeking objective solutions to navigate the challenges of data abundance. Register today and gain clarity in data-driven decision-making.

Success story: Port of Antwerp-Bruges

Data-driven predictive brilliance
at Port of Antwerp-Bruges

At the Port of Antwerp-Bruges, underwater sedimentation poses a risk to lock gates over time. Hindered by muddy waters, costly diver-based maintenance is often a necessity. But it doesn’t have to be, as Yitch has shown. Using anomaly detection powered by AI machine learning, hidden insights emerged. Join our webinar to explore this success story, an illustration of how innovative technology can reveal hidden complexities and transform maintenance strategies and costs.


Learn the importance
of structured data
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Join our webinar to explore the transformative power of data with Yitch. Discover how we unlock and structure data from various sources, creating a platform for sustainable decision-making in manufacturing. Learn how Yitch opens up data, assigns context and makes this information accessible, providing the basis for profitable, local production.

  • Solve industrial challenges
    Understand how structured data can address industrial complexities
  • Learn from success stories
    Gain practical insights through the Port of Antwerp-Bruges case story
  • Gain better decision-making
    Acquire the knowledge to make informed decisions

Hosted by qualified technology expert Peter Mees

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Meet Peter Mees, your host and seasoned technology expert specializing in Data Intelligence. With a master’s degree in Electronic Engineering ICT, Peter has excelled in guiding industrial companies on their data journeys. Now, he’s here to share valuable tips and insights tailored to professionals like you in industrial settings. Join Peter in the webinar as he equips you with the knowledge to make well-informed decisions and unlock the power of your industrial data.


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